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Holy Shit, Houserules!

Although there may be a need for expanded pages in the wiki, this tab is primarily for viewing the various house rules for the Exalted game.

New XP Chart

Trait Cost
Attributes 10
Abilities (favoured) 4
Abilities (non-favoured) 5
Virtues 3
Essence 25
Willpower 5

Anything not listed (such as Charms and new traits) are as-is in the main book.


When learning a circle of Sorcery, you gain the following spells.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery: Death of Obsidion Butterflies, Demon of the First Circle, Emerald Countermagic, and Unconquerable Self. (Note: Terrestrial Spells for Celestial Exalts cost 2 xp less)

Celestial Circle Sorcery: Demon of the Second Circle, and Saphire Countermagic. (Note: Celestial Spells for Solars and equivalent Exalts cost 1 xp less)

Solar Circle Sorcery: Adamant Counter Magic.

Zenith Anima

For 10 motes (or once you hit the 11+ peripheral spent), these effects apply;

Against creatures of darkness, your bashing and lethal soak is increased by your essence

Against creatures of darkness, your minimum damage increases by 1

Mortal corpses are now burned within your holy aura (which is essence x 10 yards), preventing their bodies from being reanimated and sending their souls back into Lethe.


Craft (Fire, Water, etc) have all been condensed to Craft (Elemental). Craft Specialties are allowed to be specific elements.

Social Combat

Mental Parry DV has been improved by adding Essence into the calculation. Therefor, the calculation is [(Manipulation or Charisma) + (Performance, Presence, or Investigation) + Essence] / 2.

Mote Regeneration

Current State Motes Per Hour
Strenuous (Middle of combat, forced march, etc) 2
Ease (everyday living) 4
Relaxed (sleeping, receiving a massage, etc) 8

On top of that, you also add [(Manse x 2) + Cult] to your hourly regeneration, no matter your current state


When I remember more or when new ones need to be made, they shall be placed here.

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